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Champagne Jacques Selosse

Anselme Selosse is a revolutionary wine maker. Against all odds and hurdles put in front of him by many of his peers, he has in 40 years managed to give a new dimension to Champagne wines, bringing them back to the dinner table along the way.  He has also inspired a young generation of growers craving for the excitement of expressing their passion and differences in wines.


 After taking over the 17 1/2 -acre family holdings from his father, Jacques, in 1980, he began applying winemaking techniques that he had learned in Burgundy, fermenting and aging his base wine in barrels and employing organic growing methods. Critics contend that Anselme's Chardonnay-based wines taste like Burgundy with bubbles, and there's no question that both his vintage and non vintage Champagnes, with their complex aromas and their fullness in the mouth can make the wines of his peers seem washed out by comparison. But as Anselme says, "These are wines first and Champagnes second."

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