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Loire Valley

Domaine du Mortier

The Domaine du Mortier is a family story since the beginning.

The estate was created by Ciryl Boisard, and now all the Boisard family work together hand to hand.

Located in the North of the AOC Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil (Loire Valley).

The family owns an estate of 13 ha of vines and 3 ha of forest.

The estate is officially an Organic estate since 1998.

The Boisard family is a true ambassador of the Terroir of Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil that’s why they do every year a hard work on the soils: round work, natural weeding, compost, mass selection ...

In the winery, the spirit is on the grapes that’s why they do not add any yeast, tannins or enzymes.

No sulfites before pressing only a few grams before the bottling.

For Estima, it’s a pleasure to promote the hard work of the family in South East Asia.

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