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Rhone Valley

Pascal Chalon

Pascal is not so interested in appellations and he calls his wines just Côtes-du-Rhône.

The vineyards have been owned by Pascal's grandmother then his father. Until 2002 the grapes were delivered to a few domaines. Already in 2000 the first wines were made unofficially in his grandmother`s house. In 2012 the wines are still made here.

Until 2011 the vineyards have been certified biodynamique but Chalon wants to leave this certification and the vineyards will from 2012 "only" be certified agriculture biologique.

He will still uses some biodynamic methodes but he will not use one of the two obligatory preparations "501", silicium. Pascal says that his soil will be out of balance by using it. 

In his younger days Pascal Chalon did not want to become a winegrower and had no special education pointing at that direction. A friend has inspired him to make wine and has taught him what he knows today.

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