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Champagne Clandestin

Benoit Doussot is a young winemaker coming from Meursault. He started his career from a young age learning with Bertrand Gautherot from Vouette & Sorbee, one of the most outspoken advocates of biodynamics in Champagne and Champagne's most sought-after cult producers. Doussot has spent years learning and polishing his wine making skill sets before he decided to create his own estate in Champagne, Champagne Clandestin.

Benoit is firmly convinced of the role that biodynamics plays in champagne making. He is also passionate about creating a unique selection that can reflect his own style and philosophy. That's why he roped two famous scientists in geology Lydia and Claude Bourguignon in to help him find the best soil to make a high-quality Champagne. It took them a long time doing research on soils and terroirs of the southern Champagne before they found the perfect soil type. With carefully selected soil profile, microclimate, vine sources, rootstocks, manure, and producing practice, Doussot's champagne offers a rare originality and genuine authenticity.

To have this level of selection, the production quantity is tiny compared with most of the cases in Champagne. Benoit only produces a grand total of 13,000 bottles a year for the time being.


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