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Loire Valley

Clau de Nell


The Domaine Clau de Nell is located in the Loire Valley wine region of Anjou. 

The vines have been biodynamically cultivated since 2000. 

In 2008, Anne-Claude and her husband, Christian Jacques purchased the domaine.

Nature is essential at Clau de Nell, where it is a philosophy of life. Here, letting nature run its course not only implies grasping the moment but also the future. Welcome to an encounter, including unpredicted events and pleasant coincidences. This is the way in which the estate’s manager Sylvain arrived here, after making close contacts and taking a stroll through the vineyard. Before accepting this position, he had already gained valuable biodynamic winegrowing experience in South America. Indeed, Sylvain knows exactly what nature has to offer. He also knows how to respect it in view of obtaining the true expression of the terroir and of each unique vintage. This simple yet demanding approach has forged the estate’s identity.

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