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After graduating in chemistry engineering from the prestigious EPFL in Lausanne, Steve Bettschen aspires to become a forest engineer, close to nature. Following a training at Raymond Pacot’s winery in Fechy, Steve then spends 11 years heading the wine tasting club of a wine merchant and becomes an official taster of the influential European Grand Jury. 

In 2007, Steve acquires a superb Pinot Noir vineyard in La Sarraz as well as a 60 years old Petite Arvine parcel in the mountains of Valais and starts making wines under the Phusis label, rapidly sought after by wine collectors and enthusiasts. 

To widen his wine making horizon he then convinces other talented Swiss organic growers to sell him small batches of grapes from their best terroirs, vinified and bottled by Steve under the MetaPhusis label. 

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