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Vouette & Sorbee

The Domaine is managed and owned by Bertrand Gautherot and his family.

After many discussions with one of his famous Champagne friend (Anselme Selosse). He decided to create is own Champagne under his own name in 2001, with his first wine released in 2004.

Bertrand and his family own 5  hectares, located in the village of Buxières-sur-Arce in the Aube's Côte des Bar. The name of "Vouette et Sorbee" is from the name of his parcels (Vouette, Sorbée, and Biaunes).

Bertrand is one of the first Winemaker who starts to believe in the biodynamic wine. Nowadays, after 15 years of an eco-friendly way of work in his vines, he is as proud of the quality of his soil than the quality of his wines.

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