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2012 Arvine Santo (Sweet)

2012 Arvine Santo (Sweet)

Grape Variety: Petite Arvine 

Cellaring: 2017-2050 

Number of bottles/Year: 149 

General Information : 

Located in the village of Vétroz but still in the town of Conthey, a place called Tzametzon, on a soil rich in shale, this vine was planted in Petite Arvine in the late 1980s. 

During the 2012 dry wine harvest, some clusters are left on stump because they start to curdle (first stage of noble rot) and bring too much sugar to the must. 3 weeks later (November 15) these clusters are completely affected by noble rot and in addition, the berries have dried under the influence of the wind: the must displays 208 ° Oe! One part ferments in a small oak barrel and the other goes into tank. The part in oak (new) is long before reaching a nice balance of flavors (more than 300g of residual sugar and 7% of alcohol) and an aromatic oscillating between compote of yellow fruits, notes of breeding and fine oxidative touch. Unfiltered, the wine is bottled end of June 2016. 

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