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2013 Arvine Extra Brut (Sparkling)

2013 Arvine Extra Brut (Sparkling)

Grape Variety: Petite Arvine 

Cellaring: 2018-2025 

Number of bottles/Year: 1000 

General Information:

In the press, the pressing heads and tails are carefully separated and only the heart of the press is destined for this extra-brut vintage (in the end, less than 50% of pressing). 

The fermentations take place entirely in stainless steel vats then a part of the wine is housed in wood for maturation (3 casks thus about 25% under wood). The malolactic fermentation is done. The maturation continues until July 2014. The wine is then stable and clear and does not require any filtration. From this moment on, the magic of bubbles takes place according to the Champagne method. After 3 years, in autumn 2017, the vintage is disgorged without dosage. 

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