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What is "En Primeur"

For the past 15 years, Estima Consulting offers wine collectors and investors the possibility to acquire the most sought after wines from Burgundy and Bordeaux “En Primeur”.



"En Primeur" is a French wine trade term for wine which is sold as a "future", i.e. before it is bottled. En Primeur therefore also means buying wine from the most famous Domaines (producers) at its very first offering price. After harvesting the crop (usually around September), initial fermentation in vats is done followed by selection of the best vats to be transferred to oak barrels for further fermentation and maturation. These barrels will be stored away and carefully looked after in the producer’s cellar for a period between 18 to 24 months. Around April in the year following the harvest, the new wines are tasted by the growers who are able to make initial opinions about the quality of the vintage and prices are being set. But take note that delivery is not until another two years later, or when the producers feels the wine are ready for bottling and release.


"The benefits of buying "EN PRIMEUR"

It guarantees supply of the wine at opening price, normally an advantageous purchase for lovers/collectors of the top classified wines which may become too hard to find or too expensive in the future. For some, this can be a duo form of investment - collecting their favourite wines at opening prices (usually the lowest possible) and perhaps to sell some of them at a later stage with a profit. The price of the "EN PRIMEUR" upon release, however, will depend on the quality of the product and reputation of the grower. Another important benefit is that buyers can also be assured of the provenance of their wines when bought En Primeur.

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